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Everything the practice team needs to know about the Scheme

The way we protect your patients in the event of a dental trauma, emergency or oral cancer changed from the 1st January 2018.

VIDEO: Andrew D'Arcy, Director of the Scheme, explains the changes and how Practice Plan have responded to them.

For more information about the changes please read the Scheme Handbook and your Team Briefing Document

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Help for you and your team to understand the Scheme

BEFORE: 1st January 2018: New patients BEFORE this date will be on the insurance.

Any patients who took out a plan before the 1st January 2018 will have taken out the version that still includes the insurance as an integral part of the plan.

1st October 2018:  Insurance regulations change on this date.

Timeline explanation - new plan patients

1st January 2018: New patients after this date will be on the new plan version that includes eligibility to request assistance from the Scheme.

Since the 1st January 2018 any patient who wished to join your plan will have taken out the new version that includes eligibility to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme (the Scheme) in the event that they suffer a dental emergency and/or dental trauma or oral cancer.

1st February 2018: New patients who commenced with their plan after this date will be on the new plan version that includes eligibility to request assistance from the Scheme.

Any patient who wanted to join your plan before 1st January 2018, but wished the commencement date to be later than 1st February 2018, would have only been signed up to the new version of your plan that includes eligibility to request assistance from the Scheme. 


Our customer services team will be happy to assist if you have any difficulty in relation to a patient’s start date and which version of the plan to offer.

(Original date was 23rd February 2018)

1st February 2019: Existing plan patients (who joined before the 1st                                             January 2018) are transferred to the Scheme.




You will need to dispose of any documents that should no longer be used following the withdrawal of the insurance. Some documents may require a simple update. Please use this to make sure you have everything you need in place for 1st January 2018.

Things you may need to update following the introduction of the Scheme

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to let us know of any updated literature you may require.

Request updates on your practice plan marketing material 

Your Plan Brochure

The Practice Marketing Team will be looking to provide you with new plan brochures in the first three months of 2018. Whilst you're waiting to receive these, when giving out plan brochures, please always include a copy of the 'IMPORTANT INFORMATION' flyer. Once you receive your new plan brochures, you can discard these interim flyers. If you use another design agency and print house to produce your plan brochures, then we’ll need to provide you with the correct updated copy to replace the current mention of insurance.


Very few practices have posters solely promoting the insurance element of the plan. If you do and this requires updating to the Scheme, please let us know. Where you have a poster that promotes the 5 Big Benefits of plan membership, again, please let us know and we will endeavour to send out a replacement. In the meantime, please remove the poster from patient view.

Your practice website

From a single line to a benefit levels table, if you mention insurance on your practice website, this will need updating with the new Scheme details.

TV waiting room slides

If you use the Practice Plan TV slides in your waiting room, please remove the slide that mentions the insurance – you can continue to use the rest of the scrolling slides as normal.

Fee guide/fee comparison

Please check that your fee guide/fee comparison doesn’t reference insurance. Where it does and you require a replacement, please let us know.

Practice membership cards

Should you use membership cards for patients, these currently reference the insurance emergency details and will require updating. Please get in touch if you require new cards showing updated Scheme contact information.

Practice welcome pack

Please check that where you promote your plan within your practice welcome brochure, that there is no mention of insurance. If there is and you require help in updating this, please get in touch.

Keyfacts Documents 

Insurance Policy Documents.

Things to keep:

You may need these for patients who remain on the insurance during 2018.

Things to destroy following the introduction of the Scheme:

In your box, we've supplied some new, non-branded agreements until such time that we can provide you with your own branded version.

Patient Agreement Forms

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